What is our membership points system?

To thank you for your support, we will reward you for each purchase you make at our online store. For each each Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) you spend at our online store, we will give you 1 D’Zage point. D’Zage points can be continuously accumulated and will only expire if left unused for 1 year. By saving up our D’Zage points, you can exchange them for coupons at our store to deduct your next purchase. Each 10 points are worth 1 Hong Kong Dollar(s), and they can be exchanged to coupons every 200, 500, and 1000 points.

To let you better understand our point system, let me give you an example:

By spending $500 at our store, we will reward you with 500 D’Zage points immediately. The next time you want to buy our clothing, you can exchange the 500 points for a $50 code and save $50 on your next order!

If you forget or choose not to exchange your points, dont worry ~ because they will be saved to your own account! If you spend another $500 without using your points, congrats you’ve saved up to 1000 points. This means the next time you come to our store, you can exchange it for a $100 coupon and basically get a free top~

How does our promotions work?

We always have promotions all year round as we strongly believe that every single day is a gift worth celebrating, which is why it is called the present~ Keep your eyes peeled for our ongoing promotions on our instagram page, or our promotion page within our online store at

From year-round student discounts, to brand ambassador coupon codes, to First order incentives, we make them for you to enjoy the best deals! So pay attention to our rules to get the most out of our visit!

Please note that each purchase can only utilise 1 coupon or discount code so choose wisely as some of our codes are only valid during temporary promotional events. To make sure you get the best deals at, remember these golden rules:
1) use up the discount codes which will expire soon before the others,
2) use cash coupons when your checkout value is low, and
3) use discount codes when your checkout value is high.